Improvements using Parallel FX CTP

Dec 6, 2007 at 7:32 AM
So I dropped in the PFX CTP into the project tonight to see if it helped me any with the fetching of pages from Bungie. If you look at the image here, you'll see the performance comparison using PFX and a single threaded version.

You should be able to notice that the PFX version has an improvement of 45% on average over the single threaded application. It's getting a bump because I'm now fetching the pages in parallel but there are limits. Windows/IE/IIS have within them a limit on the number of concurrent connections a machine may have. Windows/IE's limit is 2 on average and 40 in IIS.

I'm very happy with the results though of this test as I can now get almost double the perf. than before with just a few lines of code.

If anyone with a quad core machine would like to test this and work with me, I'd appreciate.